Pt. 1

Photo shoots.

I started doing TFP photo shoots in 2010 before eventually getting paid for some shoots. Originally, a couple of my good friends were doing TFP shoots regularly & they were who initially talked to me about getting into it. Every girls' dream is to become a model, but it's not a realistic goal for most. It's since always been something that I've done in fun, but have known I would never have a career in, & I've always been okay with that. But let's admit it, not only does it help to boost your confidence, but it's also always fun to get dressed & dolled up to get your picture taken 📸😊

©Thomas Leonard Studio

©Randy Murray Photography.

©Thomas Leonard Studio.

©Brian Birman Photography.

©Tiffany's Images


©Jason Holmgren Photography. Jason from Duluth-2010.

©Thomas Leonard Studio.

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