Healthy vegan bowl

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We start this week with a very natural and healthy breakfast, vegan but not fit all. A bowl with chia seeds and many vitamins those of banana and kiwi. Ideal for those who do sports because it contains potassium and all other powers nutritional data from the muesli and the maple syrup. Served elegantly Seletti, vegetables cut into Zak Design !, Opinel boxcutter and a teaspoon Mepra.

Ingredients: Natural Soy Yogurt - 125g Chia seeds - 30g Soy milk - 20ml Museli - 50g Banana - 1 Kiwi - 1 Maple syrup - 10ml Sunflower seeds #recipe #healty #veggies and #vegan for 1 person

How to do: Pour yogurt, milk and chia seeds in a bowl, stir and let stand at least 8 hours (overnight). Pour into a bowl muesli, place the seeds with the remaining ingredients. Pour the maple syrup. Arrange on the surface of the slices of banana and kiwi and lastly the sunflower seeds. Enjoy your breakfast.

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