Each week we are going to share a different place with 10 different doors. These doors let you experience what it's like to be there. Exit each door with curiosity, and exit with inspiration for your own adventure.

Did you know, Italy is the fourth most visited country. 🚪

In terms of population, Italy is the third oldest country in the world. 🚪

Their food is always voted one of the best cuisines you can eat. 🚪

Around €300 is thrown in the Trevi Fountain by tourists daily. 🚪

Italy has 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most of any country in the world. 🚪

Many Shakespeare plays were set in Italy including Othello and the Merchant of Venice. 🚪

Italy is the world's largest exporter of wine. 🚪

Fourteen billion espressos are consumed in Italy each year! 🚪

Italy has to be discovered. 🚪

[Photo + Video Credit] @maxlazzi @poetic_mouse @mymodenadiary @ladyvenom @saradeluigi @Neumarc @elisapella @Brahmino

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