Cat on a Bike

There was a Cat on a Bike...

He rode his bike through the city.

He rode up & down statues

He rode his bike underwater

The Cat even rode his bike in the clouds.

Sometimes the Cat loved to put on headphones to shake it off while he biked.

One day he rode his bike right off planet Earth into outer space.

He just loved doing space wheelies while cruisin' the Milky Way

Orbiting the Moon was so fun!

He landed on the Moon in a pile of marshmallow Moon Goo.

He had not known that the Moon was made of marshmallow. "Yummy" he said, as he ate lots & lots of Moon Goo.

As he happily cruised the Moon he came upon a distressed cow stuck in the Goo.

He realized this must be the "The Cow that jumped over the Moon". He had to help free her.

He tied his headphones cord around the cows tail and pulled and pulled til the Cow was free.

"Thank mooo, thank mooo" said the cow as she continued jumping over the moon.

The Cat on the Bike was last seen bikin' through the outer galaxy.

Look closely when you see a shooting star in the might just see a Cat on a Bike crusin' by.

This animated story is dedicated to Zevi cat. If he owned a bike he'd certainly ride to the moon & back.

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