Day 83

Just South of Atlanta 907 miles completed

Friday March 24 we started the day just N of Jonesboro, GA. We had completed 900 miles on our approach to Jonesboro, which is famous for "Gone with the Wind." We had to get off HWY 41 because it didn't go through downtown Atlanta. We crossed through Forest River to HWY 54 and ended about 3 miles south of downtown.

When we started Noah really enjoyed McDonald's Hotcakes and somewhere around Melbourne FL he was introduced to Waffle House and it's been his favorite breakfast since.

Noah was inspired by the photo shoot with David Rams and is working through some new looks. It's like having a version of Zoolander

There is a train parked on the tracks

Noah's numbers were high all morning and then BAMM dropped fast and Little Caesar's was requested

Mother and Son on a road trip

Crystal was all impressed with Rex, she happens to be part of an international English Bull Terrier group.

We had a great day and met some amazing people. We are really looking forward to strolling down Peach Street in Atlanta and having lunch at Varsity. We ended the day by heading back to Jack Fussell's house to stay the night and Saturday we are headed back to Gainesville FL for the UF NM 5k March 26. It's amazing we are almost 25% done with Noah's March across America.