The First Photohunting

Last Tuesday, me and everyone went to visit Taman Hutan Raya to do some photo hunting session I was so eager to explore such a wide range of nature and try to find the beauty in everything There were in fact plenty of things to capture right at that moment..

The first thing that caught my eye was the tall trees and and the little pathway they got there and so I decided to capture the scene. It was pretty hard to find an object to capture at first because there's only trees in sight. Until I found myself walking to a small looking rest area that made of all woods. And when I went to sit, there's like a dozen handwritings engrave into it..

Two of em says "Antibiotic" and "My Wife's Sick" and the rest were pretty hard to read

I explore the entire thing.. 'till I found a small creak on the floor. One small step and I'll probably fall!

Also I founded this..

on the side of the wood house

A broken water turbin

There's nothing to see after that... so I started to heading South and I stumbled upon this small water area.. though there's nothing special about it. Until I found this rotten looking fence. It looked old and reddish and someone probably gonna need a tetanus shot after they touched it!

Everyone's started to leave and so I'm heading to where they are now and I found that they were arguing about an area they should explore now.. I saw a street sign that pointed at a several point of destination this place's got. Like Japanese's Cave, Holland's Cave, a waterfall, et cetera.

We were all agreed to explore Japanese's Cave first and so we were all heading to the route the board pointing at.. On the way to the cave, we were all try to find a cool looking objects to capture of course.. And voila, guess what I just captured?

Take a closer look! There was a bug on one of my friend's camera

Mimosa Pudica

Green is the symbol for life. And if you have life, you have everything. -Carlo

Got you stumbling

Tree roots

Thought it was hieroglyphs at first..

The sun was shining through the gap of the leaves and branches

Three pots-keeters

We were reaching that point where there's just nothing interesting enough to capture at that moment. Until a very precious object were being displayed right in front of our eyes

near the Japanese's Cave

Sleepy dog

There's this small house-slash-food shop on the side of the road. They sell roasted corn and coconut's water.. I haven't had a breakfast that day so I got hungry and bought one of the corns there.

Woods are ready to burn..

Corns straight from its cob

was preparing the food

The shop owner

A delicious looking roasted corn

from trees-to-trees

Wood logs

We were all finally reached our destination! The cave was right in front of our eyes.. there seems to be no source of light inside the cave so we had to use a flashlight in order not to get hurt/get trip on the way..

A deep-end-tunnel like cave

The cave

Once all of us satisfied with the trip.. we were all resting for a bit on the chairs made of rock/semen they had on the side of the road. Until a little guy came over and got all of our attention, once again..

A female monkey with her child

Main star of the day

A bièntot

Our photohunting session has finally come to an end! There's so much we haven't got to see that day but it's still a very warm-hearted experience and I shan't ever forget it!

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