All of these plants are very common in Indonesia. My grandma planted them, brought them to my home, but I've never quite interested to know the names. Until now.

Devil's ivy (sirih gading) | Epipremnum Aureum | Absorbs air pollutants. Great for decoration indoor as it doesn't require much sun. The leaves will be lighter outdoor and will be darker indoor.

Spider plant | Chloropitum Chromosum | One of the best air purifying plant according to NASA. Super easy to plant and to propagate with minimum effort.

Kuping Gajah (elephant ears) | Anthurium Christallinum | A very hardy plant which loves humidity and doesn't like too much sun.

Sirih | Piper Betel | Plant of thousands wonders. The leaves can be used as medicine, cuisine, perfume, and mosquito repellant.

Screw pine leaves (pandan) | Pandanus | This leaves contain incredible fragrance for food flavouring and green colouring

Kaffir Lime | Citrus Hystrix | The leaves are essential to add some flavour and fragrance in Asian cuisines. Especially to decrease pungent odour from chicken or seafood

Bay leaves | Laurus Nobilis | One of the most essential spices in Asian cuisine to add some flavour and aroma in stew and soup

White Orchid | Dendrobium | It's definitely not a beginner plant. Quite hard to please, doesn't like its feet to be wet, doesn't like too much sun.

Tomato | A great source of vitamin C. Can grow up to 1,5m on the ground. But I'm not sure what type of tomato this one is.

Wandering Jews | Tradescantia Zebrina | This plant is impossible to kill. You can plant it on soil or put it in a glass jar. It has velvety purple leaves with light stripes.

Bird's eye chili | Capsicum Annum | Not so easy to grow as it's prone to parasites and pests.

Sri Rejeki | Aglaonema | This is an extremely popular houseplant especially in Asia due to it's pretty and refreshing leaves and requires almost no effort in planting.

Peppermint | Mentha Pepperita | Not originally tropical plant, but who doesn't like the smell of mint juleps in their garden?

Baby rubber tree plant | Peperomia | A semi-succulent plant which requires minimal care. And I just happened to know that it's actually poisonous.

Krokot | Purslane | Another hardy plant, impossible to kill.

Creeping Charlie (ground ivy) | Glechoma | The leaves are very similar to mint but it has no fragrance. it grows rapidly only in several weeks. Great option for a hanging plant.

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