Sometimes a place will really surprise me, even now. I travel full time and I genuinely love each and every destination that I am fortunate to visit but some get under my skin in ways that I can't anticipate. Sun Country on the Murray was one such place! We all know how much I love Australia so I was already hopeful but I didn't expect this ...

And that is just the beginning! I want this Story to focus on the amazing beauty of the area but I'd love to also highlight the people and tourism operators that made our hearts sing! A destination is about more than just the sights, it really is the people that make the magic and that started with our little group of me, @jewelszee and @itsworthashot

Kingfisher Cruises http://kingfishercruises.com.au

Billabong Ranch Adventure Park http://www.billabongranch.com.au

Wakiti Creek Resort http://www.wakiticreekresort.com.au

Tokemata Retreat http://www.tokemata.com.au

Cafe 3641 TO DIE FOR! https://m.facebook.com/Cafe3641/

Action, Bike and Ski http://www.actionbikeski.com.au

Cactus Country http://aloeessenceaustralia.com

Also - http://sunsetvillascobram.com.au http://golfresort.com.au http://burkeshotelmotel.com.au And so many more that we couldn't fit in!! 😩😩

And did I mention the scenery?


We visited a lot of the beaches along the Murray but our favorites were Thompson's (pictured), Dufties One, Bouchiers and Ulupna Island for koalas! 🐨🐨

I want to take a second to truly thank the Sun Country for having us and trusting us to do this place the justice it deserves. Thank you! https://www.suncountryonthemurray.com.au 💛🌟🌞🌛💫 www.instagram.com/visitsuncountry

And because I haven't done it in awhile who wants some behind the scenes, i.e. What REALLY goes on? 😂😂😂