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One of the city in Indonesia that always gives me feeling like home is Yogyakarta 'Izinkanlah aku untuk selalu pulang lagi, bila hati mulai sepi tak terobati'-Yogyakarta by KLa Project

Ngitun beach located in southern side of Yogyakarta, paralel with the famous Parangtritis Beach towards East. It is virgin beach and not many people visit this place. You can climb to Watu Gentong and see the rock cliff and see altogether.

Sri Gethuk Waterfalls and Rencang Kencono cave located in southern side of Yogyakarta. The infrastructure-wise is better than Ngitun Beach certainly.

Bekah rock cliff located in the southern side of Yogyakarta. The road in the last 5km before reaching this place is very challenging and demand your driving skill but the view is definitely fantastic.

Mangunan Fruit Garden is the nice place to see the nature's landscape, river and highlands.

Bu Ageng is a home-made cook restaurant. They have fabulous food to enjoy.

Punthuk Setumbu is the perfect place to capture sunrise with Merapi and Merbabu Mountains as the background and the famous Borobudur Temple in the foreground. Anyone can spot the central stupa of Borobudur Temple from the following photo?

This place called Top Selfie Pinusan in Kragilan village near Magelang.

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