Sun Country

Victoria, Australia

Somewhere along the mighty Murray River of this great big land down under, is a magical region called SUN COUNTRY. With two talented, kind and funny friends by my side, you might know them as @laurenepbath and @itsworthashot ... we spent a week exploring what this beautifully iconic Aussie destination had to offer, and we all took lots of photos along the way! As usual my Steller is a chaotic mess of all the beauty of another amazing location that I have been lucky to see on my travels. I hope you like it! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me! Big love JZ xO

so many beautiful inland river beaches along the Murray

Horse riding with "Billabong Ranch Adventure Park" in the Barmah Forest

The amazing Lake Mulwala

Action Bike Ski

I don't think there was a funnier morning than kayaking on Lake Mulwala, with Lauren in the back and me up front... doing aaaalll the work and not doing it very well! Many stumps and reeds were crashed into, getting stuck on logs became common place and laughing so hard that all wildlife disappeared and people could hear us from way back on the shore, made us almost pee our pants! Bahahahaha!! The peeps at #actionbikeski thought we were both crazy, and poor Matt just kept shaking his head in dismay! 🙈🤣

Teepee time at Wakiti Creek Resort

Tokemata Retreat

This was such a magical team effort that produced what I think is one of all our favourite images of the trip! Matt knowing the good light time, Lauren driving like a maniac to dust up the road and me just being all cute! :P Bahahaha!!

That sky tho! 💛🙌

Coming up next... the two main reasons I MUST go back to Sun Country!! Oh Emm Geeeeeeeee

"Cafe 3641" Best Lemon Meringue Cheesecake In the Universe! Made me get tears in my eyes!

*please note this warning* You will not be able to resist ANY of the treats upon entering!!

Cactus Country

This wonderland of cacti in the middle of rural country Australia was such a treat and up there with my favourite shoots of all time! We had so much fun! I've got lots of pics to share from this place! Lauren and I had a bit of #jewlau energy totally vibing! 🌵💃🔥


The End... xO

Huge big thank you to for an amazing week full of natural beauty and fun adventures! I really love creating these #stellerstories to share with you guys, so thank you for liking them. I appreciate it. Hugs JZ xO #epixtrip

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