Anagni, Italy

Lazio's City of Popes

Anagni is the historical center of Lazio's Ciociara region. The medieval town was built within Roman boundary walls and preserves innumerable treasures of art and history. Especially compelling are the remnants of the town's greatest period, the 13th century.

To explore the quiet streets of Anagni is truly a walk back in time.

Anagni has a fine view of the surrounding Lazio countryside.

A portico joins the two buildings of Anagni's medieval Town Hall.

Pope Boniface VIII was The best known of Anagni's four popes in the 13th century, founding the first University of Rome and solidifying papal authority. He was also at the humiliating center of a confrontation with King Philip V of France, after excommunicating the king over taxation of clergy. The 'Outrage of Anagni' inspired comment in Dante's Divine Comedy.

The cathedral, just off the main square, was built atop ruins of a Roman temple.

Anagni Cathedral's museum showcases the town's rich clerical heritage. Rare books, reliquaries and other works fill the building's upper rooms. The treasury contains Papal vestments and a Limoges casket for relics of St. Thomas Becket.

The crypt of St. Magnus in Anagni Cathedral houses the saint's tomb. Walls and vaults are completely covered in frescoes, brightly colored and mostly intact. The crypt's frescoes were painted in 1237 by Friar Romanus, also responsible for frescoes at Subiaco.

Martyrdom of St. Magnus

Frescoes depict medieval science, eg human life

The original Cosmatesque pavement (c. 1235), fully intact and unrestored

Ancient Anagni dates back to the pre-Roman 'Hernici'. The monumental 'Porta Cerere' was used by Hernici and Romans, and is still the main access to the walled town.

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