Venice & Burano (Week 10)

So this week, I continued to eat, learn and travel even more. With my parents going back to Tuscany, then to Florence and then Venice, I thought I'd at the very least come to Venice with them for Friday & Saturday. I'm very glad I made that decision and learned that traveling with your parents is a lot more easygoing than traveling w/ your friends.

Took the speed train from Rome to Venice and it took about 3hr & 45mins. Did provide me with some complementary views though of the Italian country-side

Decided to enter Venice the only way one should, by paying 60 Euro's for a 15min Water Taxi ride. No public transportation for this guy, I'll have my fair share of that come summertime in the NYC subway.

The most Venician Water Taxi driver of all time. Was fixing his hair nonstop (my kind of guy).

St Mark's Square. The man who helped write the gospel, his tomb is here. Along with A LOT of pigeons & tourists.

Next went to a glassblowing demonstration at one of the nicest glass shops in Santa Lucia.

Next we went on a cruise to the beautiful island of Burano, where a special risotto may have changed my life.

May not look like much but it was glorious. Ask my mom or dad

"Keep Calm & Think Positive"

Caffe Florian, right in St. Mark's Square, is I guess the first ever cafe in the world. Not really sure what that means still.

Big thank you to these two for giving me this experience

"Good judgement seeks balance & progress; lack of it eventually finds imbalance & frustration"

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