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to my grandfather

Time deletes. Time makes people forget other people. Time moves away people that are no more with us, and makes their memories blurry.

Dear grandfather, I cannot remember who you are.

I've got in my mind just a plaid shirt, a big belly and a lovely smile. I cannot remember the sound of your words. Maybe I was too young to learn how to remember.

In my head I've got a lot of clues, but they are not memories. They are words of people who knew you..

Grandpa, there's one thing that I've learned from those people: you loved the mountains. I've learned it some times ago, but every time I come back to the places you loved so much, I can add words to your story.

I came back, and I still come back to the places you loved as much as I can.

Walking on your steps, I've learned that you used to sing along the way. I've learned that you've already visited all those places I want to see and circle on my map.

Dear Antonio, I wish I could hike by your side and hear you sing. How much I wish I could hear you telling about that day, when you reached the highest peak of Monte Rosa. How is the view from the roof of the world?

I cannot remember who you are. So I walk on your steps, on the paths you walked, I reach peaks you reached, I listen to the ones who tell your story. I learn to know you in this way, step after step, in the silence of nature, looking at mountains layers and at those pine trees that look so little. Here I learn to know you, in the place you loved so much.

thank you. • Alpe Cortevecchio • Alpe Predinone Italian Alps, Piemonte Find me also here.

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