Alumni's Vol. 2

Sun Valley Shelter

Violet posing for the camera✨


Kaleah❤Her name was derived from the Hawaiian name meaning "the flower wreath;the beloved."

"I believe cats to " be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through."

--Jules Vern


Her name was derived from the Hawaiian name meaning "earth-worker;farmer." She came in with her sister, & adult son; which we named Keleah & Koa (pictured on next slide).🌺

Match making is incredibly important to us. In order to adopt from us, you must fill out an application in our lobby, & sit down with an adoption counselor so that we may get to know you, your pets, & home better. Being that we know our animals so well, we want to match them up with the most successful & positive life possible, & also the most successful and positive life for our adopters as well. Adopting & owning a pet should NEVER leave a negative impression on an adopter-or an animal, & that is why we take match making so seriously❣️

Layla has striking sea-foam green eyes that contrast beautifully against her dark brown tabby markings. She is still available for adoption.❣️

Duchess of the Cat Condo Tunnels


❤Cat lovers' hearts are meow-shaped and covered in stray fur.🐾

--Terri Guillemets

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