Budino di Riso

Rice Custard Tarts

These delicious rice pudding tarts, known as ‘Budini di Riso’ are a traditional Tuscan pastry and are usually eaten for breakfast. (Budini is plural, you may see them named Budino di Riso). They can be found in most bars, (and by ‘bar’ I mean ‘cafe’) in Tuscany and are very popular with children. My son Joseph was a very fussy eater when he was in kindergarten and primary school, and if he didn’t want breakfast at home, he would always happily have a ‘budino di riso’ before starting school.

To make these, you need to make the pastry, cook the rice, and make a custard. You can decide to do all this on one day, or make the pastry and cook the rice the day before, completing the recipe the day after. I find doing this recipe over two days makes it much easier and less stressful. It’s also a bit quicker because otherwise you have to wait for both the custard and rice to cool down before baking these tarts. I have written the recipe for making custard from scratch, but nothing stops you from making your favourite custard with a convenient custard powder, and using that custard in this recipe. While you can use any white sticky rice, some Italian recipes call for ‘riso originario’ which is a starchy white rice, with the grain being small and rounded. This rice is often used for desserts, puddings and sushi. Others call for Arborio rice. I used Arborio rice and the result resembled the Budini di Riso I know from Tuscany

Ready for the oven!

Puffy and Golden straight out of the oven

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