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Temanggung is a palce where I was born and grew up. What is it like ? I hate when people asking about where does Temanggung is. I suggest you, to find it by yourself. Here I' ll give you some informations about my hometown.

Temanggung located between Sindoro and Sumbing mountains

Sigandul Bridge

Meteorite Monument

Tobacco become the main commodity

Embung Telogopucang

Desa wisata

Its located in Kandangan, Temanggung. Fyi, Temanggung just opened anthoer desa wisata about 10 villages.

Candi Pringapus


Jatilan, Jaranan also Topeng Ireng are the traditional culture.

It always be played in ceremonial activities

Hutan Pinus Kandangan, Temanggung also has the other Hutan Pinus such as in Bulu

Curung Lawe

Curug Trocoh

Jumprit The Buddhits people believe that the water in Jumprit is holy water.

Pikatan waterpark

Sunrise in Posong

Temanggung at night

When you climbing Sindoro or Sumbing mountains you can camping here

Rest Area in Kledung

This one of favorite destinations because there is no ticketing and you could enjoy the panorama there. Luckily you if you could see the Sindoro and Sumbing clearly at the same time

Alam Sewu

Phuthuk Sindumoyo

Embung Kledung

How do you think? Isn't it beautiful places to life in. Well if you want to know more about Temanggung. Pick a day and spend it there. I'll give you another recommended places later on. (The photos sources: Google)

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