Hot Apple Cider


#ourtablestories | Vol 16

In this cold March, one of our favorite drink for this Raining is Apple Cider. We love making Slow Cooker Apple Cider because we all love the smell of it simmering throughout the day. This hot apple cider warms you up after an hour or two of kicking around in the fall leaves or picking out that perfect pumpkin or trick-or-treating on a perfectly frosty night when you can see your breath. xoxo, Le PlainCanvas * Full story on our website

Ingredients |

1 L – apple juice (unsweetened) 4 cloves cinnamon sticks small star anises 1 orange sliced (with peel on) a sprinkle of nutmeg

Method |

1. Pour your apple juice into the slow cooker. 2. Put the spices into a spice bag and add to the slow cooker (or add straight in and strain before serving) 3. Add in the orange slices. 4. Turn the slow cooker on High for 2-3 hours or Low for 4-6 hours. 5. Take spices out before serving. You may top with whip cream, or add your choice of sweetener if desired.

Homemade Apple Cider

One thing that’s important, though. What makes love most about homemade apple cider is that you could have total control over the amount of sugar and spice in each batch. For me? Apples are sweet on their own, therefore we didn’t add any sugar to our homemade apple cider. You can modify it to your own taste, so let’s get started!

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