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Yesterday I visited The Greenwich Peninsula for #Rebeccalouiselaw 's new flower installation 'The Iris' at the Now Gallery made with 10,000 fresh irises... I was also treated to an amazing meal & cocktails at the restaurant was the perfect way to spend an afternoon & evening allowing me to discover a new piece of London.

The Now Gallery also has a wonderful pink mini cinema...

...inspired by the installation

Over this weekend there is also a free event called SAMPLE happening just outside the gallery with workshops, fashion & design sample sales, fresh produce, flowers and even an experimental perfume club!

SAMPLE setting up...

After the gallery I had dinner & cocktails at the really wonderful restaurant CRAFT which has incredible views...lots of the ingredients are locally sourced including the rose hips in a fantastic cocktail called 'The Rose Hipster '

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  • blowyinthewind

    I can't get over this installation, so many flowers. Amazing

  • 5ftinf

    @blowyinthewind you'd love it!! I love an installation but one made completely from flowers was ace!!

  • blowyinthewind

    I have never seen anything like it. Great pictures, enjoy your weekend

  • copperline

    The installation looks incredible! Did it smell amazing too?

  • 5ftinf

    @copperline it was brilliant...but no smell. It's iris root that perfumers use!

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