What do penguins, tents, castles, birthdays and dancing all have in common? Apart from that sounding like an amazing party, they are all part of this week's featured authors story.

Head to Noosa with @jewelszee to grab some sun, splash in some water and see some epic sunsets.

You're going to be Alps bound with @jefferson when you enter this story.

Meet MaryLou with @evanllew, she's the birthday girl who is 97 years old!

Head to the Antarctic circle with @footloosefotog where you will see penguins, no other reasons needed!

Don't worry, in this story by @luigi_segre there are no mess-ups, so no need to cringe!

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @jewelszee @jefferson @evanllew @footloosefotog @luigi_segre Cover by @footloosefotog

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