After leaving Grand Canyon, we headed down toward Petrified Forest National Park. We didn't have a ton of time to spend, but wanted to stop and see what we could. And also get our National Parks Passport Stamps, like the nerds we are.

Painted Desert

We spent most of our time at Petrified Forest driving the rim trail around Painted Desert, but we did stop and see some of the other sites as well.

We visited Hubbell Trading Post after Petrified Forest. I have no other photos, but it was a fun stop and I recommend it!

On the Road

The landscape between Petrified Forest and Four Corners was lovely. I continued to spend time hanging my camera out the window.

As we got closer to Four Corners, it became obvious we were racing a storm. So that was fun.

Four Corners

It was pretty desolate when we arrived. Perhaps due to it being Christmas Eve, or due to us arriving near closing. Either way, it was nice to have so few others around.

Time to out run that storm. That light was beautiful, though.

Colorful, indeed.

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