The second stop (after Salton Sea) on my December 2016 roadtrip was Joshua Tree National Park. I'd visited twice before, but this time, my friend and I had booked a night in a cozy AirBnB so we'd have time to explore more of the park, as well as do some night sky photography.

After checking in at our AirBnB, we made our way into the park, drove out to White Tank Camp Ground, and found our way over to Arch Rock. There were two people already perched on the rocks with their tripods and beers. They kindly helped us up and also scurried back and forth across the rocks to set up the camping lights I'd bought. The lights gave us some interesting effects...

The next day, we headed straight down to Cottonwood Spring, as it was the furthest point away on our list of spots to hit, and I'd not made it down there on my previous two visits.

Mastodon Peak Loop

We didn't do the entire loop, as we couldn't figure out if we were ON it and were worried we'd lose time elsewhere. We did wander a bit, though, and the trail is very cool.

The rock formation in the distance reminded me of the Venus de Milo.

This explains so much about the incident with the Cholla Cactus Garden bees at my last visit. If only I'd seen it.

Hall of Horrors taken from the car window. I just love the name.

Keys View

Finally made it to this view point. It was a grey and windy day, so the vista probably wasn't as great as it could have been, but it was still pretty amazing.

Hidden Valley

We ended the day at Hidden Valley Campground. I'd been there on both my previous visits. I was hoping to do more night sky photos but there was way too much cloud cover.

Golden Hour didn't disappoint, though. The plant life and rock formations in this area are both incredible. It's a lot of fun to explore.

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