Either traveling has truly commended this year or we are all in complete wanderlust! We've had hundreds of stories from around the world this week so it's fitting that this week's featured authors are showing the 4 corners of the world.

Let @ladyvenom show you why this natural water is pink... yes, this isn't some editing wizardry!

@saradeluigi shows us that Berlin is the king of spiral staircases and plants!

Be charmed by everything Italy has to offer brought courtesy of @poetic_mouse

See everything from the vast landscapes to the little hideaway houses in New Zealand with @oafochstoani

Journey above and below the lands of Iceland with @jessedurocher

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @ladyvenom @saradeluigi @poetic_mouse @oafochstoani @jessedurocher Cover by @poetic_mouse

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