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Martabak may actually trace its origins to the Middle East. In Arabic, mutabbaq means "folded," a reference to the way in which the soft, stretchy dough is folded around a stuffing as it cooks. Dishes like this are found all over Middle East and Southeast Asia. Sweet or Savory, Martabak is the King of Indonesian Street Food

"Martabak, a roti-like stuffed fried flatbread"

The Basically

When you place your order for a savory martabak, your only real job is to tell the vendor how large you'd like it. Standard is a two-egg filling—the better vendors will use duck eggs—though at most stands you can request up to five, and adds some sliced green onions and cilantro. Once you place your order, the vendor will take out a small ball of soft, elastic wheat dough and slap it down onto an oiled work surface.

the martabak sliced into squares, and served with raw hot chilies, some sour pickled cucumbers and radishes.


Sweet martabak bears no resemblance its savory counterpart, and as far as I know, is found only in Indonesia. The sweet version starts with a thin, eggy batter very much like pancake batter. It gets deposited into a deep, oiled cast iron pan where it slowly cooks until the center puffs up with tiny bubbles, very much like a giant crumpet.

The most popular option seems to be the simplest: a thick spread of bright yellow margarine, followed by a layer of the bitter chocolate sprinkles known as hagelslag in Holland, a clear influence of Indonesia's Dutch colonial history. A layer of grated fresh cheese goes on next followed by a big drizzle of condensed milk.

THE MARTABAK PANCAKE gets cut in half and closed up like a sandwich, where the residual heat makes everything melt together. The margarine, chocolate, and condensed milk all soak through the porous, eggy cake, giving it the moist texture of a good tres leches, but with a crisp shell on the top and bottom.

"... and end up with a couple dozen crisp and salty or sweet and gooey squares custom-made for sharing "


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