Meet the Pangolin


Have you ever heard of the pangolin? It is the most trafficked animal on the planet and faces extinction. On World Pangolin Day, take a minute to get acquainted with the pangolin and understand why it is as risk.

Pangolins are in demand for their scales - used in traditional medicine and for fashion purposes - and their meat.

When frightened, a pangolin will curl up into a tight ball to protect its underside, making it a prime target for illegal poachers.

Pangolins are incredibly unique creatures and we ❤️ them - here are a few reasons why!

The pangolin's sticky tongue can be longer than its entire body.

The pangolin is the only mammal with scales.

Pangolins play a very important role in ecosystems by controlling insect populations - one pangolin can eat up to 70 million ants in a year!

What can you do to help save the pangolin? 1. Don't buy pangolin products 2. Give your voice to pangolins by joining the UN's Wild for Life campaign at

Thanks for tagging along - and happy World Pangolin Day!

Photo credits: Images 1 and 5: Flickr/ubuntunewsru Images 2 and 6: Maria Diekmann/Rare and Endangered Species Trust Images 3, 4, and 8: Save Vietnam's Wildlife Image 7: Nikolai Usik

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