Berlin was totally unexpected. It is a city full of wounds but it's being gradually treated. It's being treated with art, architecture, music and lovely cafes. And now Berlin looks more beautiful than ever. If you are planning to go there, here are some things you should absolutely do in a city that you will hardly forget.

Start with a lovely breakfast

Berlin is full of these cozy dreamy places. A cappuccino, a croissant, a cake and a little bit of planning for the day: you'll be ready to explore in a bit. (w/ @valentinac and @piccis483)

The House of Small Wonders

Five Elephant

It's easy to find clouds in Berlin: if the weather is not so good spend your day around the Museuminsel. You'll easily fall in love with the architecture of the buildings and their reflections on the Sprea river, that surrounds the island of art.

Observe people walking under the colonnade around the Nationalgalerie before getting in. Then loose yourself in the beautiful rooms of the gallery and let the paintings inspire you: I fell in love with some Friedrich's works, especially those where he painted the meeting between nature and man.

Public transports in Berlin are so photogenic (even if it's not super easy to get used to themπŸ˜‚). You will start to love trains' delays or to spend hours at the stations.

As soon as the sun comes back run out, go around and shot him and the happiness he brings before he goes back behind the clouds.

Walk around Nikolaiviertel, a lovely neighborhood with a lot of Scandinavian vibes.

Don't miss the sunset over the city: there are two places where I wish I could look at the sun that goes down every single night...

the dome of the Reichstag Building

and Monkey bar (an incredible urban jungle)

We explored: β€’ The house of small wonders β€’ Five Elephant β€’ Bode museum and Nationalgalerie β€’ some random U-bahn and S-bahn stations β€’ Brandenburger Tor β€’ Berliner Dom β€’ Reichstag Building and its dome β€’ Nikolaiviertel β€’ Monkey bar (Find me also on Instagram! πŸ’•)

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