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Nine months ago a friend and I started these breakfast meetings, with the IT people (developers, testers, data architects, entrepreneurs and various other tech folks) in our area (Cluj Napoca, Romania). We get together at 8:30am, have breakfast at this great restaurant in the city called HUGO Restaurant. We usually have our pastor from VIA church, Rei Abrudan, with us and he shares some work ethics, christian meditation thought of the day, then we all go our ways, back to the office to start the day, the week and the month. On this particular day, Feb 13th, 2017, because my car is at the service fr some repairs, I had to take a cab, leave my wife at her job, take the kids for their morning English class and then arrived at around 7am at the restaurant, as the food was getting prepared, the video wall installed and the room was being made ready. These are some photos I took that day. Hope you like them. Looking forward for your feedback!

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