history of costume.

people from the ancient world

me at the first semester of fashion design and this is still rough sketches of mine about ancient world. still amateur. hope you enjoy it :)


Egypt also known as "gift of the nile" due to its rich soil especially at the river delta since the beginning of ancient egypt, society organizations have power to regulate the distribution of water and farm life. Which was later evolved into absolute power leads to the property of the pharaoh are considered descendants of the god. Costume of egyptian consist of kalasisris, stola, pectoral that made of linen or cotton (sheer or pleated) and they have also pschent, klaft hemhemet crown and isis crown as headpieces.


Mesopotamia was a very fertile valley, sandwiched between the euphrates and tigris rivers. They invented wheel, irigation system, sailboat, civilization and the concept of urbanization. Codex hammurabi was the most important thing they have. It proves that they have law ( as a handwriting) enacted by babylonian king hammurabi about everything consist of divorce, adoption, debt,etc. In general, the mesopotamian costumes colored and patterned in form of red, yellow green, and indigo blue. Accessorized with fringed and ribbon. They like to play with details.


Crete. Lying near the coast of southern europe, africa and minor asia. Crete was influenced by cultural developments in the key center of civilisation. The most important building they have is the pallace of knossos (ceramic neolitic period because no pottery was produced). Minoan have the sexiest costume like the close-fitting blouses that were cut low to expose the breast.


Ancient greece was the age in which the polis or city state was invented. So they also advanced in art, poetry and technology. They invented olympic, democracy, modern phylosophy, and the basis of geometry. Their costume had no big different between men and women (tunics)


For more than 800 years europe was in the darkness. There was no creativity and innovation. 9th-13th century in europe was in period of roman and the western world ready to expand under romanesque. Their costume was bright in colour and made of the finest material. The shapes both man and woman was tight to the waist and they invented cottehardie.


The byzantine emperor that was embracing  christianity still survived until a thousand years. They like something excessive luxury as the characteristic of eastern emperors. In this era they used so many decorations and the "naked" factor of ancient world costume were no longer exist. They like oversized robes made of silk.


Gothic or medieval civilization in europe 13th-15th century marked the presence of louis ix of france. This era characterized by the presence of many chatedrals. They sewn kimono sleeve and found clothes with opening that can be closed again (cant be worn over the head). The difference between male and female costumes became increasingly apparent. They have so many headpiece especially something shaped like cones.


Renaissance which means rebirth. Referred to period of humanity that took place in europe. Started in italy then spread to england, french and spain. They have special shape of collar and sleeves.

Baroque loved detail especially curves and the shape of "ear". They style is characterized by "excessive lighting, deep emotion, and freedom. This is the first era of classical music too ( bach, handel, vivaldi, etc). They love pregnant women shapes and vertugade were no longer favored.


one of my favourite is this roman woman

and this cute couple from mesopotamia.

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