kale sun dried tomato pasta

gluten free

Saturday evening a dinner with old friends to chat between bites another and spend an evening full of good humor that is better than any anti-aging remedy and fights free radicals to the great 😀

Ingredients for two persons a bunch of kale 2 tablespoons dried tomatoes in oil a clove of garlic a slice of red onion or shallot Parmesan cheese to taste 150 gr. of pasta gluten free (rice and corn) oil, pepper and salt

PREPARATION Choose the most of the small leaves of kale deck or hold the biggest leaves, but remove the coasts that would be too tough. Wash them and then blanch them in lightly salted water for a few minutes (about 2 must remain al dente) Then drain and let cool. In a pan fry in hot oil the garlic and finely chopped onion for 3 minutes then also pour the tomatoes and cook 5 minutes over low heat, season with salt. Cut the cabbage into large pieces and add to the pan continuing to cook for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta and add to the cabbage when cooked, turn so that all blend well, turn off the heat sprinkle with the cheese and Serve, who wants can still add the cheese and a little 'pepper.

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