Happy Valentine's Day

In order of Valentines Day, I will make a quiz to find your true love( results may not be accurate)

Here we go...

Question 1: What genre are you in?

A) Romantic B) Action C) Comedy D) None of the above

Question 2: How would you like to spend your date?

A) Fancy Restaurant B) Adventure C) Fun D) Anywhere

Question 3: Who would pay the bill if you were dining in a fancy restaurant?

A) The boy B) The girl C) The boy D) You will try to do it


Mostly A: You are the one with classic love and follows tradition of love. Like, having the boy to pay for the meal.

Mostly B: You are filled with adventure. You love to go on adventures and you love to take risks.

Mostly C: You just like to laugh and have fun. (I don't really know what else to say, making these are not as easy as they look)

Mostly D: You just like to go with the flow and don't try too hard in relationships. You don't care about love traditions that much and you are always being yourself.

Tell me which one you are by telling me in the comments section, I really hope you guys reply. I kind of feel sad when no one replies. I hope you do this time. 💕💝💖❣️❤️💛💚💙💜💟

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