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On one of those grey Sunday afternoons, when every plan you come up with just isn't good enough, we decided to go for a ride. No special place in mind, just go where the road will lead us. We crossed the Dutch-German border and headed for the Eifel

Just behind Aachen, we found the mediaeval village of Kornelimünster,cut in half by the meandering Inde river.

Kornelimünster abbey dates back to 814

In the middle of the 9th century, the cloister was given imperial immediacy

In 1500 the abbey became part of the lower Rhenish-Westphalian Circle and in 1802 the area fell to the French. The abbey was abolished and monks were forced to leave

Benedictine monks returned to the Kornelimünster Abbey in 1906 to found the the New Benedictine Kornelimünster Abbey. The St. Cornelius Church of the former abbey is today the parish church of the community

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