Feb 2017

My photos this week some with added life #textures#flowers

This week with @5ftinf i have been exploring life in pictures. I was a little bit out of energy so a lot of the pictures are still in my head but here are some I captured {Feb 2017}. Starting with breakfast....

Carbs and coffee bring me to life first thing

Colour ordering with spark ⚑️

More tea for good measure and of course I always have it with petals πŸŒΈπŸ˜‰

Life on my table

Next up I went outside it was a cold fresh foggy morning to start with and then the sun came out Sunday 5th Feb 17


Uncle Dick's old house he had good taste in wallpaper 🌿

Finally some texture which has its own life in abundance so the effects hopefully just enhance it....

Finally back home to these 2 rascals

Thankyou for reading my story find me on Instagram for more pictures

  • 5ftinf

    Brilliant story!! It's so great to all your images together...so much life in them! πŸ’—

  • ARW123


  • blowyinthewind

    @5ftinf thanks Philippa

  • ARW123

    Hi! Ok so I know this sounds desperate but I'm a newbie (today) and in need of some followers to keep me motivated... would you mind helping me out? Thanks! @blowyinthewind

  • lillalivetandme

    You have the most springly flowers around! πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸ’› loved the sheeps!