Huang Pu

The Ancient Harbor part 1

Off the Guang Zhou city center, there lies an ancient harbor village of Huang Pu, on the side of Huangpuchong, a channel that bypass the Zhujiang River. Today, the old village was restored to it's original condition, and serves as the culture & creativity center

It's a cozy ancient village

The Traditional Market

Perhaps, the most interesting part of Huang Pu is the market. They sell honey, fruits, vegetables, all kind of food, ready to eat, raw, or even alive

Fruit based condiments, snacks, and drinks

Live stock seller Selling ducks, chicken, swan, and fish & crabs

And even live turtle.... .... they're pets, for sure

The Café

Some cozy, light meal café were waiting to be visited. Most of them are specialty café, serving their own specific dishes or drinks.

奶婆姜 - The Milk Ginger

Well, the name is self explanatory. The dish is the mix of ginger sauce & hot fresh milk Wait 'till it's thicken, and you've got a nice milk-ginger dish

芒果汁永 - Mango Juice Forever

This one is also self explanatory A café that serves everything mango....

Candy & sweets

But Huang Pu is not only about food. It's also about craft, art, & culture... ... all in the part 2

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