Downtown Yangon


The best way to see a new place is by experiencing the morning life of that place. January 15, 2017 Downtown Yangon

12th street

There are lots of numbered alleys in the downtown, flanked between houses that look like apartments, and shops. Most of the buildings have this fusion of old and new architecture style.

Drive on the right

In Myanmar, they drive on the right side of the road, but most of the cars has its driver seat on the ride side of the car too.

The main street is bigger, though, and most of the big and fancy buildings are located here.

In the morning it's not really crowded. But you will find some of the locals go to or from the market...

Most of the women in Myanmar wear this white mask powder called Thanaka on their face...

While the men wear sarong while chewing betel nut.

street vendors and merchants...

..some monks about to do alm giving ceremony or just came back from that..

...and birds flocking the street. LOTS of them!

Mind your head!

There is big river near the downtown and it has a dock with all the ships. It was quite busy that morning.

Later that morning, the street became busier as more people showed up to start the day, for work or school.

In the end, we finally arrived in Sule Pagoda. After that, we rushed back to the hostel to have breakfast because it was almost 9.00 am and breakfast will only be served until 9.00.

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