A few weeks ago, we drove to Michigan with our friends Andrew and Marianne to spend a few peaceful and productive days together. It was cold and rainy but oh so beautiful, and we spent the afternoons exploring the frozen beach.

The beach was super foggy and surreal.

The water near the shore had frozen to create these incredible ice formations.

We climbed and slid around the ice until we couldn't feel our fingers and toes.

When we returned to the beach the following day, most of the ice had melted.

Into ice balls!

We had to look up why this phenomenon happens because we were so perplexed! Well the waves crash onto the shore, eventually building up into ice chunks and as they continue to be rocked around in the water, they form into spherical balls!

Needless to say, all this melting ice was making the beach a little trickier to navigate...

Always a fun adventure with these two! #stellerhappiness

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