From tree houses and pink lagoons to mountain views and colorful homes, this week's featured authors are a must-see.

Join @ladyvenom in a dreamy treehouse in Tulum, Mexico.

Visit the Pink Lagoon of Las Coloradas with @lionheaded.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with @jolladrian.

Experience last light in the French Alps with @mikecjourno.

Check out this colorful and creative one bedroom flat with @copperline.

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @ladyvenom @lionheaded @jolladrian @mikecjourno @copperline Cover by @lionheaded

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  • copperline

    Thank you for including me here (with such great peeps too 🤗)! 🙋🏻

  • ladyvenom

    Thank you @Steller and @copperline hey hey! 👋🏽☺ sorry for being quiet lately, we're on the road since a couple of weeks. Makes me be online less 😉

  • copperline

    Don't worry @ladyvenom I was 😱 with your Stories the other day - looks like you're having an amazing trip! Have fun! 😘

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