Still 'Nobody's Patient'

#MatExp #Nobody's Patient'

In spring 2016 there was an opportunity to bid for funding to the maternity challenge fund , to capture feedback and use it to improve care from 'seldom heard' groups. I had some ideas inspired by Leigh #hugoslegacy trying to help women with severe illness or with babies in NNU

Doing some blue sky thinking Gill told me she had met an inspirational person - Catherine who told her how women whose pregnancies ended in the middle of pregnancy were falling though gaps in care

It was obvious we needed to tackle this - so we added it in to our bid !

Collaboration started - we all got pretty familiar with Birmingham New Street !

Catherine & I finally met in June , she challenged my assumptions & taught me new things

She is tireless, working to highlight the way these women receive random standards of care & the long term damage that these experiences have, this is her stall at the national labour ward event

At the Kingston workshop people were spell bound as she talked about her experiences

She set up a focus group specially for the project and has contributed many scenarios as well as a fabulous poem

Catherine definitely knows this...

It was her that inspired our JFDI pop up session at Expo NHS in September

After the St George's workshop it was my turn to travel and it was great to see Catherine on her home territory at Birmingham Women's Hospital

We presented at Mbrrace at RCOG an amazing opportunity

& all this time as well as travelling far & wide to speak & raise awareness Catherine has been holding support groups for women and feeding their experiences back to local trusts

This valuable work is unpaid, Catherine has felt so strongly that these women fall though gaps in the NHS that she not only gives her time but funds the venue

Life is pretty bleak as Catherine can't afford to do this anymore. I can't understand an NHS & a community that can't extend a hand to this selfless work.

Still nobody's patient

Do we value the contributions women like Catherine make so little? Are we content to let these vulnerable women continue to fall through gaps in our services? I can't do much I'm in London but surely someone in such a big city as Birmingham could help?

Don't let these women continue to feel they are 'Nobody's Patient'

I'd love just one of the outcomes of 'Nobody's Patient' project to be a sustainable solution for Catherine's local support group & then for this to spread far & wide...

Is this really too much to ask?

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