I, Imposter pt. 2

I, less, imposter. I am learning that you don't have to have experience or expertise to find your way in. You just have to have passion and a good work ethic and the desire to want to do it. This may not make you great, but it could make you less of an imposter!

Week 1 surprised me, as I drew actual objects before me. And Week 2, well, I had never drawn expressions (intentionally before) so I was surprised too, here. And by Week 3 I wondered how I came to be able to draw the same girl with different things on her mind, or a difference experience experienced. We began with body parts...


Painted upon my lap during a Martha Stewart American Made event with Peg and Awl, in a (successful) effort to not miss the submission deadline for the week!

And then environment.

(And kitties...)

Back to gray - and snow...

The 5th and final week's daily word assignments were letters and words.

One of the most amazing things about this online class is that Soren, Silas and Walter watched and drew with me. A lot of my daily work involves computering. It felt so good to draw upon a messy table for 5 weeks with my family...

Søren and Silas made their own fonts!

Silas found a feather and had me turn it into a pen.

In the end I had a cover! I was quite satisfied with my work over the 5 weeks. Having deadlines and feedback and family and wonderful teachers made this possible. Even magical...

I have since begun another picture book course and have joined a critique group in Philadelphia. For more follow me on Instagram @thebrotherskent + @pegandawl For the class: @makeartthatsells