Petak Sembilan

Exploring Jakarta's Chinatown

Petak Sembilan is a famous Chinatown in Jakarta located in Glodok, West Jakarta. There are lots of temples where people come to pray. The architecture in this community is also influenced by Chinese style designs. In 2015, me and my friend went around exploring this place.

I fell in love with this place instantly because of those unique contrast designs of the buildings compared to other places in Jakarta. This place also has vibrant color with those burning red paint and colorful paintings on the wall. Somehow it gives you that warm vibes of this place.

The locals are very friendly toward tourists and visitors. We asked a local here if we could enter the temples and take some pictures inside and they told us that it's okay while giving a warm smile. Please make sure we are respecting and not disturbing those people who actually come to the temples to pray.

The fragrance of the incense they burnt gave this calming feeling when you enter the temples. After all, praying places always give me this calm and peaceful vibes for me. Possibly due to positive energy radiating from those prayers. I don't know, it's just it.

There are lots of small alleys and lanes that is a little bit confusing. We got lost several times (mind you I always lost anywhere I go). It was midday and the sun was right on our heads plus our gps was kind of not working that time, so it was a bit frustrating to navigate.

Based on my GPS, we supposed to be in front of Tak Kie, but where is this? 😅


But the small alleys and lanes in Petak Sembilan are soooo interesting!

Have I mentioned that the buildings are old but gold?

Even the school gate looks like this.

These tortoises are alive! It's called Pi-Oh and it's actually food ingredients 😰

We stumbled upon this little temple by the street

We arrived at this Catholic church that have simple but beautiful chinese style architecture. It is called Gereja Santa Maria de Fatima

It looked like it closed. A man probably saw our confused faces and said that we could come inside. Inside we met a Father and he asked where we came from. And he gave us a little tour inside the church and told us about the history and architecture phylosophy of this church.

He then left us because he had another meeting to attend and told us that we can stay around to take some pictures.

Oh, I have not told you about Tak Kie I mentioned earlier.

Tak Kie is a coffee shop in Petak Sembilan famous for its iced coffee (es kopi). It's an old coffee shop and the place still has it's original design. The foods are also nice tho some of it contains pork.

Petak Sembilan is actually a culinary gem in town. Aside from Tak Kie, there are lots of famous cullinary spots like Bakmi Amoy in Gang Gloria, rujak shanghai, etc. We did not try it because we were already very full from Tak Kie's foods.

It was really nice seeing diversity of heritage in Jakarta. It makes Jakarta rich in culture and history. Make sure you pay a visit when you are around Jakarta. If you want a guided walking tour, you can contact @jktgoodguide in instagram for trip schedule to this place.

When visiting this place make sure you bring : 1. Water (since it's very hot Nd humid) 2. comfortable shoes to walk, or sandals if it's raining 3. umbrella, during rainy season

Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope this year of rooster will give us a prosperous and peaceful year ahead 😁

#stellerid #stellerthankful #culture #tradition #chinatown #jakarta #indonesia #chinesenewyear #cny #stellerweekend #stellerfaces #stellercolor All pictures are mine. Taken by Fujifilm XM-1

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