Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. I'm having a family reunion dinner now. I'll tell you about it later. But now, here is me in my traditional costume...

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Here are the delicious food I ate today...

I'm camera shy, please don't take pictures.

Fine, I love being in the spotlight. Get my skin shiny please.


Ladies in the kitchen.

I had a toast after that. We drank Root Beer. Now, here's the story of Nian. I will give a quiz afterwards.


A Chinese New Year story

In a village, it was always peaceful, except on one day, the new moon day. Nian would go to the village and scare all he villagers. But one day, before the new moon, a wise man told them what Nian was afraid of. "He is afraid of loud noises, the colour red and fire.". The next day, the villagers wore red from head to toe, banged loud drums and lit every firecracker they had. Nian was scared and ran far away. From that they onwards, they called it 'Chinese New Year'.

Quiz time (3 questions)

Question 1:

What is Nian afraid of?

Question 2:

When does Nian come to scare everyone?

Question 3:

Who told them what Nian was afraid of?

Tell me your answers in the comments below and hashtag me!

Thank you for joining me today. I wish you a very happy Chinese New Year.

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