This month I packed up my Dreamboat and headed out to Uluru to finally experience Longitude 131°, the only property in the region that I hadn't been to yet. Longitude is FANCY! (All capitals, not just capital F) It's an all inclusive property so you pay one price and all your food, alcohol, activities and extras are included.

So yeah, the property is stunning! And don't even get me started on the food. But the thing I loved the most was the place, as always. Uluru is, and remains, one of my favorite places in Australia and I loved experiencing it under the expert eyes of the Longitude guides and staff.

Check them out - http://longitude131.com.au

That's my Dreamboat! It was wonderful to take some personal time out and have my partner with me! Did you see him carrying my tripod? 😍😍😍


My favorite activities were - 1) My visit to the Field of Light (inclusive) and, 2) Scenic flight with Professional Helicopters (inclusive)

And one other thing? The mini bar is also included in the price and it was the BEST mini bar I've ever seen. Home baked jam drop biscuits, amazing cheese, white chocolate with lemon myrtle, all the wine... you get the picture. 🧀🍷🍫

I want to thank Longitude 131° for offering me some amazing media rates and giving me a much needed holiday. Here's some pretty photos because I LOVE ULURU!


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