The night before the hike ๐Ÿ—บ ๐Ÿ”

We drove up as high as we could. We reached a wooden arch with a sign that said: REMEMBER TO LIVE We got off the car and on our feet.

Soon enough, we were surrounded by snow. It covered everything, including the path signs...

Not sure which way to go, we just gave it a try aiming for the peak.

Some snow had detached from the mountain and fallen down so we had to cross it.


It was really steep and we kept not finding the right path so we decided to choose a great spot for picnic and then start our way down.

#lustythedog enjoying the view

We found an easier way down and after the first slippery part we basically ran all the way!

Till we were in deep snow again! (Btw, she il my mom, @cecimil)

The sun was just disappearing...

The End of another beautiful day in the Alps

Mont Crammont Valle d'Aosta

January, 2017

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