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How to vote: Choose your favourite choices and tell your answers in the comments. Results will be given out when at least five people have voted.


Cups for the cup song

Cup 1

Cup 2

Cup 3


Badges for my school bag

Badge 1

Badge 2

Badge 3

Badge 4

Badge 5

Badge 6

Badge 7


Which is your favourite pair of socks? I will wear that one on special occasions.

Sock 1

Sock 2

Sock 3

Sock 4

Sock 5

Sock 6

Thanks for voting! Check in next time to see more of my Lego creations, votes, and more! Bye! Check the comments for the format of voting

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  • MiraculousGirl1

    Format is like that: Cup ___ Badge(s) ___, ___, ___ Sock ___


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