What Makes a Mobile photograph good?

Alexis Rotella

Getting in the Zone Being Mindful of the Moment

To let the mood or story tell itself

To love the subject I photograph is key to creating a work of art

Picasso said It takes a very long time to become young It helps to have fun to play with a friend and dress her up the way I did with my dolls as a youngster

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel I support other mobile and visual artists and study their techniques

Marc Chagall said I work in the medium that likes me Mobile and iPad art took a liking to me and changed my life for the better It has made me a better writer and a more compassionate person

My go-to app is always iColorama which is a playground for digital artists all over the world a place to explore, to experiment and grow Some apps I love: Stackables, Repix, Shift, Laminar, SkyLab

A mobile art piece is done when I get that aha moment Sometimes it takes hours to get there and sometimes the magic happens in a flash

Last July I had my first one-woman digital art exhibit at 49 West Cafe At opening night I was amazed that so many people were fascinated by digital art, amazed that portraits, landscapes and still lifes could start with a tiny mobile phone

Mobile Art is just in its beginnings On every street corner, in every gesture, on every face is a moment waiting to be captured Emotion is what anchors a photograph Falling in love with the process is the secret Falling in love with the moments in our one and only precious life

It was a pleasure to photograph my friend and playmate Carrie Kopp Adams an artist and model and all around good human being If people would put down their guns and start shooting for the sake of art... Something to aspire to With love to my fellow appwhisperers

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  • alexisrotella

    Sometimes when I feel lost in the woods, mobile art finds me there and shows me the way out

  • aconica

    What a perfect quote. I've been needing some extra meditation and down time, nothing better than textures and layers and apping for me. Does the trick every time.

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