not a tutorial

Hi, I'm surprised my recent stories about drawing Xenomorph (from Alien Movie) has gotten so much attentions. Here I've made another story about drawing Ghostrider in watercolor in English. This not really a tutorial, just a story.

I'm using these stuffs: HVS 150gsm A5 Sakura Koi Watercolor (12 colors) Sakura Poster Color: White Watercolor brushes

For a start, I put a small amount of water in the desired area.

Starting to draw his jacket.

I'm not using rough sketches at beginning because I just feel relaxed and confident at this time.

Ghostrider's head is constantly burning, I need to paint flame reflections on the shoulders.

Adding spikes on his shoulders and outlines.

Forgot to draw chains? No problem.

well, this is how it looks so far...

That's all. follow my Instagram: instagram.com/titosigilipoe for more.

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