Back in November I shared the first in a new series of blog posts and Steller stories with photographer @nathaliepriem and I’m delighted to be sharing another – and another London home, this time in Stockwell, which was redesigned by architect Michela Bertolini.

This property has evolved over the years as parts of the house were initially rented, and the owners have been working with Michela to reconfigure the spaces. Michela Bertolini Design Studio describes the ethos of her practice as “timeless simplicity, combined with an attention to precise construction detailing." I caught up with Michela towards the end of last year to ask a few questions about this beautifully redesigned ground and garden apartment.

Nathalie Priem

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“I have known the owners for over 18 years and the house has been changing according to their needs. The project here was to open up the basement to create one big living and dining space, connected to the ground floor, which has two bedrooms."

"My clients wanted a light and bright space connected with the rear garden."

“The basement is where there was the most structural work involved. We created one big space by removing the wall between the front and rear room, and the two fireplaces where moved in order to widen the space."

"French doors were installed where there had once been a big window looking into a damp light well. This light well and the lower garden have been dug out and wide steps were designed leading up to the garden, which was redesigned by the owners working with their gardener.”

"We designed these wide steps so they could be used as seating as well as leading to the upper garden. This also allows a lot of light into the basement space. Sitting there you don’t feel as if you're in a basement as the steps gradually connect you to the garden."

“We created a neutral and white palette throughout the property – a blank canvas for the owners' collection of art. The layout of the space was important as well as the clean lines. The kitchen was positioned so it was part of the open space but not too visible.”

"Both of the bedrooms on the ground floor have tall doors that give a sense of verticality and bring light to the rooms. I was also working with the clients’ existing furniture and lighting – they have great taste and this made the design process easier.”

With thanks to Michela Bertolini

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With thanks to @nathaliepriem

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