Chios is an island in Greece, located in the Eastern Aegean. It's not a very popular destination, and most visitors come from Turkey which is really close. The island is full of picturesque villages, one of which is Pyrgi, medieval fortress towns and beautiful beaches! The island isn't spoilt by tourism so we really enjoyed our stay.

This is Vroulidia beach, in the southernmost tip of the island

Here you will find secret beach caves, cliffs and white rocks

the Medieval Village of Mesta, a maze made out of stone to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids

Mavra Volia Beach

This beach sits under a volcano, which explains the black color of the pebbles and the sand. Passing the first beach, you'll arrive at this place where you can have a swim under the tall volcanic cliffs

This is Avanatos (the ascend) Village, located on top of a hill.

Anavatos has been abandoned for years and is now a ghost town with an eerie , haunted atmosphere. The views from the hills behind it were quite amazing as well. Make sure you visit this abandoned medieval village and beware of the unstable buildings !

Mesta, along with Olympi village, are the Mastic villages, which have a history in, and solely depend on mastic cultivation

The charming church of Saint Isidor on the Rocks

The mastic tree only grows on this island, anybody who tried to plant it nearby failed. This is why its cultivation is so precious to the locals

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