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2016 was weird.

2016 was weird.

For a lot of it, I felt like I was underwater, or in a fog, bogged down by work and daily life.

But I started to feel myself slowly emerging in the fall

but I started to feel myself slowly emerging in the fall

questioning what purpose certain things served in my life

catching glimpses of a path.

I was so caught up in the day to day that I had lost sight of a vision for my life.

So, this year

I want to keep waking up

instead of putting things off, just doing them

bringing the things that are blurry into focus

making time for what's important

tolerating less bullshit

and tuning out that nagging, critical inner voice more often.

From the way 2017 started, I think I'm on the right track.

I feel good change ahead.

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  • deci_dela

    Lovely! Very creative.

  • ritakovtun

    @deci_dela thank you! ❤️

  • kaisuga

    Hi we're on the same feature on Steller. You're the creative one! Love this ❤☺

  • ohloni

    How do you add a song? Btw love your colors and story 😍🤗

  • ritakovtun

    @kaisuga oh hush, your story was very creative! I liked it 😊and thank you ❤

  • ritakovtun

    @ohloni I added music using the iMovie app! super easy to use. and thanks 🙏🏼

  • TimNiehaus

    Love this! Great!


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