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If you've heard anything about Greece at all, you must know about the Acropolis; a hill overlooking the city of Athens, where glorious temples once stood.

Now the ruins remain a popular site for archeologists and culture enthusiasts alike

On the acropolis hill lies a citadel guarding ancient temples of global, historical and cultural signicifance : The Gates and beside them the small temple of the victorious Athena, goddess of wisdom, The Erechtheum. east of the entrance, and the main temple, the Parthenon. On the slopes of the hill lie the ancient theater of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes, now reconstructed and functioning!

This is the Erechtheum. the lady-shaped columns are referred to as 'Caryatids' : some of them are still on the temple, some in the Acropolis museum

Ancient Greece is the cradle of western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, philosophy,science, theater, mathematics, the olympic games and many more

The Acropolis is a living symbol of its lost glory

Hadrian's Gate, in the center of Athens

leads to my favorite site, the ruins of the temple of Olympian Zeus, located near Syntagma Sq.

The monument was colossal in its time, and its construction took 638 years. [6th to 2nd century B.C.]

the columns are built in the Corinthian style.


Hephestus Temple

this Doric peripteral temple is preserved in a very good condition. It is located near the ancient Agora of Athens, and the area around it has taken its name from the temple, hence called 'Thisio'

Hephestus was the god of fire and craftsmanship

Filopappou Monument, on the hill opposite the Acropolis

If you walk around Athens, you'll be able to see history on every corner.


My grandmother used to take me to the park near this magical building every afternoon


The Roman Forum

Hadrian's library // typical roman forum architecture

Greece has been called many things for its history. One thing I know is that I've grown up with these monuments all around me so i can't see them as something unusual or inspiring curiosity. They're a part of my environment. I may stop to admire them from time to time while chilling on some other hill around there like Lycabettus or Strefi hill I can't imagine how they would look to someone who sees them from the first time.

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