Humans of London

Have you guys heard of Humans of New York? It’s a blog / photography project started by Brandon Stanton a few years ago that tells stories of everyday New Yorkers by simply letting them talk about themselves. It has captured the imagination of millions and has gone on to become New York Times N1 bestseller. As much as I love my mini street style projects, capturing this unique moment in time has become a small obsession recently.

The real story always lives on the street, not in a studio, so after my initial ode to London’s architecture I decided that the wonderful people of the capital also deserved a special mention.

If you ever heard the word ‘sonder‘ it may put my obsession with stories in a better perspective. The realisation that everyone around us is living a vivid and complex life, while dealing with everyday struggles puts a beautiful spin on things. As you walk around a city it’s interesting to imagine that every window and door holds its own share of human secrecy. Only a few places can provide this incessant variety of life and I’m glad to say London is one of them.

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