|In and around the Mother City|

Cape Town, the mother city, the oldest city in South Africa. In and around this town is a perfect blend of beaches and oceans (it is said that the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean meet near Cape Point), the many, many mountains and of course the Penguins in Simon's Town. There is so much to photograph in this city, so I have dedicated this story to a round trip from Table Mountain -> Cape of Good Hope -> Cape Point -> Boulder's beach -> Chapman's peak drive -> Signal Hill.

This gorgeous view as we land in Cape Town.

This view of the ocean from Table Mountain, went up the lazy way of course! 😇

This bird's eye view of Cape Town, as seen from Table Mountain.

This perfect combination of low lying clouds and shades of blue and green!

Monkeying around on our way to the Cape of Good Hope. 🐒

This view of Cape of Good Hope from Cape Point.

The blues at Cape Point. 💙

These Penguins on Boulder's beach.

This route back to Cape Town.

This light along Chapman's peak drive.

These views which would inspire a beach bum life.

This foggy light.

This sunset from Signal Hill.

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